Let’s Get Moving!

Yoga for Kids by Ms. Rose

As a mother of an pre-schooler that needs A LOT of physical activity, yoga is my go to on those stay indoor type of days. I have learned that if my daughter doesn’t get enough movement during the day then it will take her hours longer to fall asleep at night and you can kiss that nap goodbye no matter how tired she is and how much she’s yawning. There were certain parts of April (all of it) where it felt like it rained EVERY SINGLE DAY and when summer finally gets here there will be days where it is just too hot to play outside.

Fortunately for me, my daughter’s amazing pre-school teachers have instilled a love of yoga in my daughter. Check out some of our favorite yoga videos from YouTube and Hoopla.

Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. There are an infinite number of yoga stories based on favorite books, movies and more for every age. The videos range in length from 5 minute Super Yoga’s (no story; more like a video game) to hour long Saturday morning specials that include multiple stories and meditations. My daughter’s favorites are all the Super Yogas, Ruby Broom and Pokemon.

Storyland Yoga on Hoopla. There are two episodes about 20-25 minutes long. This is very similar to Cosmic Kids in that a lot of the focus is the story. The stories have a conservation theme and skew a little bit younger. My daughter says that the Save the Whale episode is a lot better then the Condor Trek.

Gaiam: Yoga for Kids Dino-Mite Adventure and Outer Space Blast Off on Hoopla. Each set consists of four episodes that average 15 minutes. These felt more like a traditional yoga class and skew a little older; there isn’t a real story to all of them. The theme just provides a framework. My daughter always requests Dino-Mite Yoga.

Zoo Zen A Yoga Story for Kids on Hoopla. The first 10 minutes of this movie is the story from the book Zoo Zen; the last 10 minutes of the movie is Lyla’s zoo flow yoga routine. My daughter always does the yoga poses during the story but when it’s time to do the flow routine gets bored, but sometimes I need a more traditional yoga routine to keep myself happy.

Backyard Games with Ms. Cheryl

With the weather getting warm, it’s time for my family and I to get moving outdoors. Some fun outdoor games that we like to play include bowling, croquet, potato sack races, and bocce ball.

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Source: polkadotchair.com

If you want to make your own bowling game, all you need is a yoga mat, 3 pool noodles, (2 pool noodles will be used for the bumpers, and 1 pool noodle will be used for the back of the bowling game), a scissor, toothpicks, 10 empty soda bottles filled halfway with beans or sand – make sure the caps are on the soda bottles, and a beach ball. Cut the pool noodles to fit the mat and use toothpicks to attach the pool noodles together. Then arrange the bowling pins on the yoga mat and have fun bowling!

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Croquet is fun game to play with your family. All you have to do is hit the ball through the hoops using a wooden mallet. If you don’t have a croquet at home try making one with this video by babble.

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Another fun activity for your family are potato sack races. All you need for this laugh out loud activity are some potato sacks or old pillow cases. Each person gets inside the potato sack/pillow case and holds it up with their hands. The first person to hop their way back to the finish line wins.

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Finally, try a game of bocce Ball! All you need are a few balls that are the same size and a smaller ball. Each player takes turns trying to get their ball closest to the little ball while knocking out their opponents ball. The player who gets their ball closest to the little ball wins!

Working out with Ms. Charlotte

Working out will keep you in good physical shape and improve your mood. I start off my day with a weight training class, a HIIT, Barre, or other type of class to stay happy and healthy. There are so many different types of physical activity that you can incorporate into your daily life. Walking, yoga, running, and dancing are just a few. It may seem hard to find ways to work out at home, but there are plenty of online resources to help keep you active.

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Here are some video links to get you started or for you to keep up with your routine:

100 Mile Club:

For 26 days, track your progress and aim for 1 mile per day.

PhysEd TV

New content every week for elementary, middle school, and high school students.

H.Y.P.E at Home!

Hip Hop Public Health has put together a collection of free, fun, instructional videos for hip-hop dance. Click on the resources page and then filter by age and videos.

Workout from Home: Options for People with Disability and Chronic Health Conditions

The National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability has curated a playlist of exercise from home videos for kids and adults. It has 32 options for all abilities.

Mindful Remote Learning

Yoga Foster offers Yoga videos in English and Spanish along with journaling activities!

PowerUp Fitness at Home

PowerUp Fitness at Home offers workout videos that can be done in small spaces and don’t require any equipment.


If you’re in need of a more quiet option, try downloading a fitness e-book from Hoopla using your library card. Hoopla offers e-books with how-to tutorials on all different types of physical activities for all different levels!

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International Snacks: Torrijas from Spain

Another program that I really miss running is the International Snacks program that I have with the teens once a newsletter. I love picking a country; finding a store that carries items from that country and compiling different food facts from our A to Z World Food Database; snacking with the kids and finding out which snacks are their favorites and which they hate. I’m constantly being surprised by what they’re willing to taste and which things they actually like and which they hate.

Now that we’ve been home for awhile I found myself experimenting with the other part of the A to Z World Database; the recipes. The database includes tons of recipes from every country I can think of; and some from countries I’ve never even heard of.

For my first recipe from the database I picked Spain; where my family is from. I love my family but they are terrible at sharing recipes. I decided to try to make torrijas which is the Spanish version of french toast because I had a leftover loaf of bread. It’s one of those recipes that no one in my family can give me measurements for and as a baker I like concrete measurements for ingredients.

While my torrijas did not come out beautiful; they did in fact taste just like my Tia Mari’s. She is the best cook in my family; hands down. You should try this recipe. To cook along with me, check out my video on the library’s YouTube channel

The A to Z World Food Database is turning out to be a great way to explore food from around the world, practice cooking skills together as a family and teach our daughter about different foods and not to “yuck someone else’s yum.” To learn more about how to use the database check out this tutorial on our website.

The recipe for torrijas from A to Z World Foods with a little advice from my mom.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to remember all those Americans who have fought in the past to keep this country safe and free. It is a day to honor and respect the armed forces, those who have already died, and those who continue to serve our country today. Have your child make an American Flag and place in a window or on your front door to honor these men and women for their military service. It’s super simple to make with just a few supplies.

Supplies: Red, white, and blue construction paper, a white crayon, and a glue stick.


  1. Cut out a medium size square out of blue construction paper.
  2. Glue the square on the top left side of the white construction paper.
  3. Draw 50 white stars on the blue square.
  4. Cut out 7 red strips of paper.
  5. Glue the red strips of paper on to the right side of the white construction paper leaving some white space in between each red strip of paper.

Learn more about Memorial Day at World Book Online. Use your library card to login and begin your search.

Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street in Communities has added some new resources to their site in light of the pandemic. These new resources center around caring for each other and how to offer comfort. Three main topics for this new section are Adult Awareness, Mindful Modeling, and Self Soothing.

Providing articles on topics such as stress in children or comfort strategies gives parents the tools they need to help their child deal with new emotions. Activities are also available to help support mindful behavior. The activity “Helping Hand’s is a way to show your child that they have a place in the world and how they can help others. In addition to the wonderful resources, Sesame Street in Communities has humorous video clips to help keep things fun. They offer games and coloring pages to help children self soothe.

In these uncertain times, helping our children understand and explore new feelings can be hard, Sesame Street in Communities can help! Visit their site at http://www.ssic.org/. Most activities are available in four languages (Korean, Arabic, English, and Spanish).

Mental Health Awareness Month

Since 1949 the Mental Health America Organization has been observing the month of May as Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also determines how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. 1  Mental health is important at every stage of our life!

Right now more than ever, it’s so important to talk about and take care of our Mental Health. Here are some resources for you to use to help better yourself or someone you know!:

Girls Health.Gov: The “Your Feelings” section of this website offers guidance to teenage girls on recognizing a mental health problem, getting help, and talking to parents. http://girlshealth.gov/feelings/index.html

Go Ask Alice!: Geared at young adults, this question and answer website contains a large database of questions about a variety of concerns surrounding emotional health. www.goaskalice.columbia.edu

Kelty Mental Health Resource Center: Reference sheets are provided that list top websites, books, videos, toolkits and support for mental health disorders. http://keltymentalhealth.ca/youth-and-young-adults

Teen Mental Health: Geared towards teenagers, this website provides learning tools on a variety of mental illnesses, videos, and resources for friends. http://teenmentalhealth.org/

Center for Young Women’s Health and Young Men’s Health: These websites provides a series of guides on emotional health, including anxiety, depression, bullying, and eating disorders. www.youngwomenshealth.org and www.youngmenshealthsite.org

Reach Out: This website provides information on specific mental health disorders, as well as resources to help teens make safe plans when feeling suicidal, and helpful tips on how to relax. http://au.reachout.com/

National Alliance on Mental Health:  Find resources for youth, including information on managing your mental health in college and making friends. www.nami.org/Find-Support/Teens-and-Young-Adults

Mindfulness for Teens: This website has resources to help teens use mindfulness to handle stress and includes apps to practice meditation and guided mediation recordings. http://mindfulnessforteens.com/

  1. Strengthening Mental Health PromotionExternal. Fact sheet no. 220. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization.

Great Audiobook Options

Anyone that knows me can tell you that I love audiobooks! On any given week I have at least three audiobooks checked out from Overdrive on the Libby app; one that I’m currently listening to and two back up options for when I finish. I listen to audiobooks on my very long commute; while I’m cleaning, cooking or folding laundry; and when I go for walks. I have even been known to take an extra walk just so I can get a little bit more of a really great audiobook in.

However, now that my commute is from my bedroom to my kitchen table and I’m home alone all day with my lovely three year old, there isn’t as much time to listen to audiobooks. She just isn’t interested in Foul is Fair by Hannah Capin or The Athena Protocol by Shamim Serif; and trying to finish a book in three weeks was getting a bit overwhelming. There is a new holds function that lets you push holds back if you aren’t ready for them, which is awesome, but not quite enough when going from 2 hours of listening a day to 30 minutes a day. That is why I’m so excited about two other audio book programs right now.

My first recommendation is our library’s Hoopla program.

Hoopla is a service that the Lindenhurst Memorial Library provides that includes audio books, ebooks, music, movies and television. You still have a 21 day check out but there are no holds. Everything is available immediately so if you don’t manage to finish your audiobook in 21 days you can immediately renew it for another 21 days. Want to give Hoopla a try? Check out our Niche Academy tutorial on Hoopla.

My second recommendation is Sync Audiobooks for Teens. This program is put together by Audiofile magazine every year. This years program began on April 30th and for 13 weeks they will make two different Teen audiobooks available to download each week. Books are paired by theme, style or topic and the listeners get to keep the titles forever so if you’re teen is still swamped with schoolwork, they can download the titles each week and wait until the school year is over to listen to them. Each pair of titles is only available for a week and the titles change overnight on Thursdays. Instructions for downloading the titles can be found here and you can check out this years titles below.

Happy Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day all month long, by making a card for your mom.

Supplies: Mother’s Day card template printed on white computer paper, flower shape template, 1 piece of white construction paper, 1 piece of pink construction paper, and a glue stick.


  1. Print out the Mother’s Day card template on white computer paper.
  2. Print out the flower shape template on white computer paper.
  3. Cut out the flower shape template and trace the flower on to pink construction paper.
  4. Cut out the small white flower shape template and trace the flower on to white construction paper.
  5. Glue the pink flower on to the green stem.
  6. Glue the small white flower on to the middle of the pink flower.
  7. Fold the white paper in half to make a card.
Source: Teaching Nook https://teachingnook.wordpress.com/holidays/mothers-day-fathers-day-crafts/

Nature At Home

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Hi everyone, Miss Justine here. As I sit here at home with my children I realize that what I miss the most is not being able to connect with nature. I love going on nature walks with my little ones and explain to them all about the animals around us. Sure, we go for walks in our neighborhood, but how many times can you talk about squirrels? Usually, when the weather starts to get warm, my family and I love to go to zoos, aquariums, and animal farms in our area. Since these places are currently closed, my kids and I were very sad. Then I discovered that zoos and many other places have animal cams set up. I thought I would share what I have found. Enjoy some zoo cams from around the United States.

Bronx Zoo, New York https://bronxzoo.com/virtual-zoo/live-cams

San Diego Zoo, California https://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/live-cams

Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Washington D.C. http://nationalzoo.si.edu/webcams

The Houston Zoo, Texas https://www.houstonzoo.org/explore/webcams/

If you want to learn more about the animals you visit virtually, go to our website and click on the kids and teens button. Scroll down to World Book Online. You will need to login by using your library card number (on the back of your library card). Once logged in to World Book, click on the button titled Kids and go to World of Animals; from there you can learn all about different species of animals. Click here to go directly to World Book Online:

Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be With You!

To celebrate all things Star Wars, check out these awesome crafts and activities. And don’t forget, May 4-10 is Children’s Book Week, so why not read a couple of Star Wars books.

Click the picture to see a full collection of ebooks.

For more information on how to download ebooks and audiobooks, click here: https://my.nicheacademy.com/lindenhurst/course/1451

Baby Yoda Paper Bag Puppet

Crayon Resist Death Star

For more Star Wars related activities, check out the official Star Wars site: