Father’s Day

Did you know that the first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910 in the state of Washington? However, it was not until 1972 that Father’s Day became a nationwide holiday in the United States honoring fathers. Although the library is not open yet, we wanted to share a project with you that we would normally do all together. So grab your art supplies and let Dad know how much you appreciate him by making an Out of this World Father’s Day Rocket Ship Craft.

Materials Needed: Rocket ship Template, a Printer, White Computer Paper, Dark Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Black Construction Paper, Scissors, 1 Black Magic Marker, 1 Black Crayon, 1 Glue Stick, and 1 package of star stickers.


  1. Print the rocket ship template out of computer paper. No printer, no problem, just draw your own rocket ship!
  2. Cut out and glue the white rocket ship to the black construction paper.
  3. Glue the 2 black circular windows on to the rocket ship.
  4. Glue one blue wing to the right side of the rocket ship and glue one blue wing to the left side of the rocket ship.
  5. Trace your hand on the red and orange construction paper and cut it out.
  6. Glue the red hand print on to the back of the rocket ship.
  7. Glue the orange hand print on to the red hand print.
  8. Add some finishing touches to the rocket ship using a black crayon and a black magic marker.
  9. Trace and cut out the star from the template.
  10. Trace and cut out the star using blue construction paper.
  11. Write a message to your dad using a black magic marker.
  12. Decorate your project using star stickers or draw your own stars!
Source: Red Ted Art https://www.redtedart.com/handprint-rocket-card-for-fathers-day/

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to remember all those Americans who have fought in the past to keep this country safe and free. It is a day to honor and respect the armed forces, those who have already died, and those who continue to serve our country today. Have your child make an American Flag and place in a window or on your front door to honor these men and women for their military service. It’s super simple to make with just a few supplies.

Supplies: Red, white, and blue construction paper, a white crayon, and a glue stick.


  1. Cut out a medium size square out of blue construction paper.
  2. Glue the square on the top left side of the white construction paper.
  3. Draw 50 white stars on the blue square.
  4. Cut out 7 red strips of paper.
  5. Glue the red strips of paper on to the right side of the white construction paper leaving some white space in between each red strip of paper.

Learn more about Memorial Day at World Book Online. Use your library card to login and begin your search.

Happy Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day all month long, by making a card for your mom.

Supplies: Mother’s Day card template printed on white computer paper, flower shape template, 1 piece of white construction paper, 1 piece of pink construction paper, and a glue stick.


  1. Print out the Mother’s Day card template on white computer paper.
  2. Print out the flower shape template on white computer paper.
  3. Cut out the flower shape template and trace the flower on to pink construction paper.
  4. Cut out the small white flower shape template and trace the flower on to white construction paper.
  5. Glue the pink flower on to the green stem.
  6. Glue the small white flower on to the middle of the pink flower.
  7. Fold the white paper in half to make a card.
Source: Teaching Nook https://teachingnook.wordpress.com/holidays/mothers-day-fathers-day-crafts/

Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be With You!

To celebrate all things Star Wars, check out these awesome crafts and activities. And don’t forget, May 4-10 is Children’s Book Week, so why not read a couple of Star Wars books.

Click the picture to see a full collection of ebooks.

For more information on how to download ebooks and audiobooks, click here: https://my.nicheacademy.com/lindenhurst/course/1451

Baby Yoda Paper Bag Puppet

Crayon Resist Death Star

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