What is coding? Coding is another term for computer programming or software programming. Coding is the method of giving instructions to a computer to perform a certain task. The instructions that you give your computer are communicated using a language that only computers can understand. These languages include visual blocks, Java, Python and C Learning.

Did you know that learning how to code can improve in your problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills? Did you also know that if you learn how to code it can give you more career opportunities in the future?

Here are some awesome websites that you can use that can help you learn how to code.

Scratch Ages 8-16 Free

Scratch is a free block coding website for kids, developed by the MIT Media Lab. Scratch is its own programming language and consists of graphical blocks that snap together. Studio Ages 4-14 Free

This website is a non-profit organization that has a series of four courses that teach computer science fundamentals. Each course is made up of a series of puzzles, videos, and activities that teach the principles behind computer science.

Blockly Ages 8+ Free

Blockly teaches programming principles and introduces JavaScript using a block-based programming approach.

GameBlox 13+ Free

GameBlox is a block-based programming site for making games online for web and mobile devices. It allows anyone to develop games that you can play online and on your mobile phone. 

Codecademy 13+ Free. A PRO track is available for a monthly subscription.

Codecademy offers a comprehensive set of text-based courses on web development and related programming languages. Codecademy courses cover how to build a website and a whole slew of related coding languages, including HTML & CSS, Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, PHP, and more. General access to Codecademy courses is free. The paid PRO track adds a personalized learning plan, quizzes, projects, and access to live advisors. 

Khan Academy 13+ Free

Khan Academy offers expert-created content and resources for free online courses and practice. For computer programming, Khan Academy has courses in JavaScript, Processing JS, HTML & CSS, HTML & JavaScript and SQL

VidCode 11+  Limited free access. Tiered annual subscriptions.

Vidcode is a coding website for kids that offers research-backed computer science courses focused on open-ended projects. Their courses teach computer science, object oriented programming, web programming, design, & JavaScript.