Have you found yourself reading more lately? Have you tackled your to-be-read pile but now you don’t know what to read next? Don’t worry the library can help you find your next great read! Novelist is a comprehensive reader’s advisory database that helps you find exactly the kind of book you’re looking for!

Novelist works by tagging each book in its database with story elements. Story elements are the aspects of a book that may catch your attention. This could include appeal terms, themes, and genres. Besides liking a genre such as fantasy or thriller there are other things you might like about books too. Do you like when the book’s location takes place in a small town or busy city? Do you like when the characters are cynical or kind? Do you like to laugh when you read, or cry? 

Some of these story elements are key in helping you find your next read. Novelist allows you to search all of these things. You can even type in the search bar the last book you liked and find a list of books just like it! Below is a picture guide on how to get to Novelist.