Geocaching: The Modern Day Scavenger Hunt

As a child, I loved going on scavenger hunts. I would draw maps and go on a treasure hunts in my backyard. The idea of looking for hidden treasures was a thrill. The adventures I had along the way are memories I will have forever. I wanted to share my love for scavenger hunts with my daughters, but competing with today’s electric distractions was hard. That is when I discovered geocaching.

Geocaching is an outdoor activity where people use a GPS or mobile device with GPS on it to find small containers. These containers are geocaches or caches. They can be any shape or size. Geocaches can be found all over the world.

There are tons of geocaching apps to choose from. After looking at a few I decided on The site is easy to follow and has helpful videos on how to geocache for newcomers. Once you download the app it will use your location to show you where the nearest geocaches are, select a location, and start your hunt. To help you choose the best geocache for you to find, each geocache will have a description of where to find it, show its level of difficulty to find, and it even has a hint if you get stuck. After you find the geocache sign the log book and place it back in its spot for others to find.

If you like this and want to try more outdoor activities with your children take a look at some of the books the library has to offer. Click on the book to see if it’s available.