International Snacks: Australia

For my second foray into the A to Z World Foods database I decided that I wanted to make a cookie. I didn’t care where the cookie was from or what kind of cookie it was; it just needed to be a cookie. After running a basic search for cookies in the database using the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner I finally came across Anzac Biscuits. I had definitely heard of those somewhere before; maybe in a book?

According to the database Anzac Biscuits are a coconut oatmeal cookie that is affiliated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps(ANZAC). They originated shortly after World War II and were frequently used for raising funds for military veterans. The term Anzac Biscuit is protected in Australia and for a cookie to be called an Anzac Biscuit it must follow the recipe exactly.

The cookies were pretty tasty and everyone in my family really liked them. You have no idea how rare that is. They definitely taste the best on the day they were made but ours didn’t make it past the second day so I’m not sure how long they actually last.

To bake along with me, check out my video on the library’s YouTube channel and to learn more about how to use the A to Z World Food database check out this tutorial on our website.

ANZAC Biscuits recipe from A to Z World Food Database. If you don’t want to purchase golden syrup you can substitute corn syrup or make your own with this tutorial from lifehacker.

Have you made anything from the A to Z World Food Database? Are there any family recipes you want to recommend for International Snacks? Let me know in the comments!