International Snacks: Torrijas from Spain

Another program that I really miss running is the International Snacks program that I have with the teens once a newsletter. I love picking a country; finding a store that carries items from that country and compiling different food facts from our A to Z World Food Database; snacking with the kids and finding out which snacks are their favorites and which they hate. I’m constantly being surprised by what they’re willing to taste and which things they actually like and which they hate.

Now that we’ve been home for awhile I found myself experimenting with the other part of the A to Z World Database; the recipes. The database includes tons of recipes from every country I can think of; and some from countries I’ve never even heard of.

For my first recipe from the database I picked Spain; where my family is from. I love my family but they are terrible at sharing recipes. I decided to try to make torrijas which is the Spanish version of french toast because I had a leftover loaf of bread. It’s one of those recipes that no one in my family can give me measurements for and as a baker I like concrete measurements for ingredients.

While my torrijas did not come out beautiful; they did in fact taste just like my Tia Mari’s. She is the best cook in my family; hands down. You should try this recipe. To cook along with me, check out my video on the library’s YouTube channel

The A to Z World Food Database is turning out to be a great way to explore food from around the world, practice cooking skills together as a family and teach our daughter about different foods and not to “yuck someone else’s yum.” To learn more about how to use the database check out this tutorial on our website.

The recipe for torrijas from A to Z World Foods with a little advice from my mom.