Great Audiobook Options

Anyone that knows me can tell you that I love audiobooks! On any given week I have at least three audiobooks checked out from Overdrive on the Libby app; one that I’m currently listening to and two back up options for when I finish. I listen to audiobooks on my very long commute; while I’m cleaning, cooking or folding laundry; and when I go for walks. I have even been known to take an extra walk just so I can get a little bit more of a really great audiobook in.

However, now that my commute is from my bedroom to my kitchen table and I’m home alone all day with my lovely three year old, there isn’t as much time to listen to audiobooks. She just isn’t interested in Foul is Fair by Hannah Capin or The Athena Protocol by Shamim Serif; and trying to finish a book in three weeks was getting a bit overwhelming. There is a new holds function that lets you push holds back if you aren’t ready for them, which is awesome, but not quite enough when going from 2 hours of listening a day to 30 minutes a day. That is why I’m so excited about two other audio book programs right now.

My first recommendation is our library’s Hoopla program.

Hoopla is a service that the Lindenhurst Memorial Library provides that includes audio books, ebooks, music, movies and television. You still have a 21 day check out but there are no holds. Everything is available immediately so if you don’t manage to finish your audiobook in 21 days you can immediately renew it for another 21 days. Want to give Hoopla a try? Check out our Niche Academy tutorial on Hoopla.

My second recommendation is Sync Audiobooks for Teens. This program is put together by Audiofile magazine every year. This years program began on April 30th and for 13 weeks they will make two different Teen audiobooks available to download each week. Books are paired by theme, style or topic and the listeners get to keep the titles forever so if you’re teen is still swamped with schoolwork, they can download the titles each week and wait until the school year is over to listen to them. Each pair of titles is only available for a week and the titles change overnight on Thursdays. Instructions for downloading the titles can be found here and you can check out this years titles below.