June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month

Every year in June, Zoos and Aquariums all over the United States are celebrated for their role in the conservation and research they do with animals and sea life. It is a time when the weather is nice, the animals are out, and schools are ending. It’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy some time with the family learning about the various animals around the world and in the sea. National Zoo and Aquarium Month promotes knowledge about different animals and fish. It stresses the importance of conservation, especially for those on the endangered species list, and the importance of public contributions. Zoo’s and Aquariums have come a long way since they were first established in the 1830’s. They are no longer a place where people come to just stare at animals. They are great educational tools offering classes, workshops, and shows that bring people face-to-face with animals and provide them with pertinent information about their habitats, the food they eat, and how they are taken care of. The more we know, the more we can do to protect the animals of the world and of the sea.

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Fun Facts:

Did you know that the first Zoo in America was the Philadelphia Zoo. It opened in 1874 and is still open today. It plays an important role in the protection and breeding of endangered species.

In 1895, the New York Zoological Society was established to embraced the advancement of native wildlife conservation, promote the study of zoology, and create a first-class zoological park that would be free to the public. The name changed to Wildlife Conservation Society in 1993 to better represent what the Zoos were trying to accomplish.

The world’s first saltwater aquarium, oceanarium, was opened in 1938 in St. Augustine, FL. it was named Marineland.

The biggest aquarium in America is the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. It holds more than 10 million gallons of water and aquatic life than any other aquarium in the world.