Picture Books for Parenting

As parents we wish we had the answers to everything. We wish we could comfort our kids with a simple hug and all their worries would whittle away. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t work like that. The good news is there are countless picture books that can really make those tough conversations a little bit easier.  

Below you’ll find picture book recommendations for some of the trickiest parenting topics. From potty training, to sleep stress, to new siblings, to first day of school scaries, it’s great to have a fun and informative book to turn to. 

Potty training is no easy feat. Before tackling this big milestone, it’s a good idea to read some books to help your child understand what to expect. These books take on toilet training with tact and can answer most of your child’s burning questions. 
Here’s another doozy! Sleep can be a huge struggle. A good idea to help your child is to create a bedtime routine. Most children thrive with routine, so a chain of events before each bedtime can really help them get into a sleepy mindset. One bedtime favorite is reading a story together. If your child has trouble falling asleep, with nightmares, or staying asleep, then give these books a try. 
You’re thrilled to be adding a new addition but how does your kid feel? New babies can turn our worlds a bit wacky, so children want to know what to expect. These books not only explain what will happen when a new baby joins the family, but also hypes your kid up for their new job as big brother or big sister! 
Is your little one about to start school? Be it preschool or nursery school this is a HUGE milestone. While they may have an idea of what school is all about, these books can help will all the first day jitters. 

Reading books can serve as a window to new experiences. Next time you’re having trouble with any of these topics, request these books from the library. Showing your child what they can expect to save them, and you, loads of unnecessary stress.