How Do Things Work?

Have you ever looked at a car and wondered how it works? Or maybe how your toilet works? How about your body? And just how does a plane stay in the air? The world is an interesting place and the things that occupy it are even more interesting. Lucky for you, we have lots of books that explain and describe just how things work! You name it, we’ve got it.  To get you started, here are a few interesting titles for you to choose from.  But there are plenty more on the shelves to satisfy your curiosity.

Take a ride through the toilet,
the plumbing, and the sewer system
to find our just how
everything works.
Take a look at all the incredible and diverse things your body can do! With cut-away illustrations and hands-on diagrams, you are sure to have a good time learning just how your body works.
From true stories and biographies of real
scientists and engineers to exciting diagrams 
and illustrations, accessible explanations, 
trivia, and fun features, 
this book explains it all!
From the engine that provides the power and
wings that lift the plane off the ground to the
cockpit controls and passenger cabin, see how
these modern marvels work and what makes a
plane stay in the air.
Detailed drawings that show mechanical parts and cut-away illustrations that show how the parts are assembled and work together. This book is sure to reveal just how a car moves.