Happy Chinese New Year 2022!

Chinese New Year begins on Tuesday, February 1, 2022, which marks the end of the Year of the Ox, and the beginning of the Year of the Tiger. It is also known as the Lunar New Year and it is celebrated in Asian countries, and in many other parts of the world with feasts, fireworks, and parades. These celebrations usually last 15-16 days, and are marked by various traditions that are meant to bring in good luck for the coming year. Check out our books about Chinese New Year from our Children’s collection to learn more about this holiday.

Chinese New Year: A Celebration for Everyone by Jen Sookfong Lee

This is an excellent book that teaches you how Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world.

PoPo’s Lucky Chinese New Year by Virginia Loh-Hagan

A young girl’s Grandmother comes all the way from China to celebrate Chinese New Year with her Chinese American granddaughter. She teaches her about the traditional customs and beliefs of an authentic Chinese New Year.

How to Catch a Dragon by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton

The kids set up traps to catch a dragon because they want to guarantee health and good fortune for the New Year. However, the dragon manages to evade all their traps.

Alex’s Good Fortune by Benson Shum

Join Alex as she gets ready for Chinese New Year, and shares her family’s traditions with her best friend, Ethan.

A New Year’s Reunion by Yu Li-Qiong

Maomao’s father works far away, and comes home only at Chinese New Year. When Papa arrives, Maomao hardly recognizes him at first. But before long, the family is making sticky rice balls, hearing the firecrackers, and watching the dragon dance in the street. – Good Reads

Chelsea’s Chinese New Year by Lisa Bullard

Chelsea’s family celebrates Chinese New Year by staying up late watching fireworks, and a parade with a dragon.