YA Horror to Keep You Up at Night

Fall in general and Halloween specifically put a lot of people (ME) in the mood for something scary. These books are entertaining if you can stomach the story.

Shutter by Courtney Alameda

Seventeen-year-old Micheline Helsing is a tetrachcromat, able to see ghosts in color and capture them on film, but when a routine hunt goes awry, Micheline is infected with a curse known as a soulchain and if she is unable to exorcise the entity in seven days, she will be destroyed, body and soul.

Alone by Cyn Balog

When her mom inherits an old, crumbling mansion, Seda’s almost excited to spend the summer there. The grounds are beautiful and it’s fun to explore the sprawling house with its creepy rooms and secret passages. Except now her mom wants to renovate, rather than sell the estate—which means they’re not going back to the city…or Seda’s friends and school.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

When seventeen-year-old Tana wakes up following a party in the aftermath of a violent vampire attack, she travels to Coldtown, a quarantined Massachusetts city full of vampires, with her ex-boyfriend and a mysterious vampire boy in tow.

The Taking of Jake Livingston by Ryan Douglass

When a murderous ghost begins to haunt sixteen-year-old Jake Livingston, high school soon becomes a different kind of survival game

Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

A lovelorn newcomer, a grief-stricken pariah and a privileged liar intersect on the island of Sawkill Rock, where they become unlikely defenders against an insidious monster that has been preying upon the girls in their community for decades.

The Girls Are Never Gone by Sarah Glenn Marsh

Seventeen-year-old Dare plans to spend her summer debunking a haunting at an historic estate with a dark past, but she finds herself in a life-or-death struggle against a malignant ghost.

Ten by Gretchen McNeil

Ten teens head to a house party at a remote island mansion off the Washington coast in this fast-paced gruesome slasher story. The party turns deadly when the group’s number dwindles as a nameless killer begins to eliminate the guests one-by-one in apropos manners. It’s a race against time as the group tries to figure out the identity of the killer before everyone is eliminated.

There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

When incrementally more violent attacks overshadow life at Osborne High, an intense hunt for the killer leads to the revelation of astonishing secrets. *The movie just released on Netflix.*