Halloween Books

Do you have a Halloween lover in your house? What about a lover of all things spooky? Check out this list of fun, silly, and not-so-spooky Halloween titles that you can get from the library!

  1. Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson
    A sweet little rhyming tale about a witch, old friends and new friends, accepting our differences, and a big dragon! There is also a very sweet animated version of this title.

  2. Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley
    With unique paper cut pages, this book is not only a story but an interactive experience. You can make the big green monster go away as quickly as he appears as you turn each page.
  3. Jampires by Sarah McIntyre and David O’Connell
    If you’d like to avoid a story about blood sucking beasts, then try this sweetly illustrated story about critters who love jam so much they steal all of Sam’s jam doughnuts.
  4. I Want to Eat Your Books by Karin Lefranc and Tyler Parker
    Similar to the title above, in this story our main character is no ordinary zombie. Instead of brains, he wants your books!
  5. Gustavo the Shy Ghost by Flavia Z. Drago
    Although Gustavo is great at a lot of paranormal activities, he can’t seem to get past his spooky shyness. Will he make friends by the end of this sweet story?
  6. The Monster At the End of This Book by Jon Stone
    An absolute classic. Join Grover as he panics about the impending last page that brings you ever closer to the dreaded monster.
  7. Leo: A Ghost Story by Mac Barnett
    Can a ghost and a girl really become friends? Find out in this Halloween tale of perservance, imagination, and friendship.
  8. Clever Little Witch by Muon Thi Van
    This story combines witches with another popular subject – new siblings. Can this clever little witch find a way to get rid of her pesky baby brother, or will she realize just how much she loves him?
  9. Ghosts In the House by Kazuno Kohara
    What do you do with a house full of ghosts? In this story, a little witch finds smart uses for all her new spooky friends.
  10. Zombie In Love by Kelly Dipucchio
    Mortimer the Zombie is just looking for love but everywhere he turns he just can’t find the right person for him. That is, until he meets a special someone at the big dance. If you’re a fan of this title you can also check out it’s sequel, Zombie In Love 2 + 1.