Let’s Fly a Kite

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman? No, it’s a Kite!

Kites – Earth Toys

Kites come in all shapes and sizes and dance through the sky to a music all their own. They are a childhood favorite that leaves a sense of nostalgia in us. But, as we get older we tend to forget how it feels to have the wind on our face, the string between our fingers, and the sense of joy we get as we dare our kite to go higher and higher in the sky.

Kite flying can be fun, relaxing, and benefit your health. In a 2015 article written for the Health Fitness Revolution magazine, kites are said to promote exercise, improve your mental well-being, help with your eye and neck muscles, and boost creativity. So, grab a kite or try your hand at making one with library staff, August 4th. Registration is already in progress. And, don’t forget to check out our some of these great eBooks on kites below. They are a great way to boost your brain power and earn prizes for the Summer Reading Challenge. And who knows, you might find your next favorite!