Gifting during a Pandemic

Gift giving is a big part of our lives especially during the holiday season. We get together with friends and family for holidays and special occasions to celebrate and exchange gifts. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, gift giving needs to look a bit different. Precautions need to be taken to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Social distancing and mask wearing is a must and with so many people still without work, gifts look a bit different… they have become more meaningful and from the heart.

Kind Words

In my daughters 2nd grade class, instead of grab bags with treats and toys, they are writing letters to their friends. Kind words to express how grateful you are to have someone as a friend can go a long way and mean more to them than any store-bought gift. So grab some paper, a pencil or pen, and some stamps and envelopes because this kind of letter is meant to be mailed. Don’t have stamps, then stop by the Post Office or its website where you can pick out stamps that fit your personality or one to match the holiday you are celebrating.

You can stop by the library and pick up a few calligraphy books to help make your letter look “fancy” or thumb through a thesaurus to find a word that’s just a bit more “exciting” then the one you were going to use. And, if you want to go even farther with your letter you can either personalize your envelope by adding swirls and various drawings or fold your own by using simple origami/paper folding.

Handmade Envelopes: 3 Ways - Welcome To Nana's | Recipe | Handmade envelopes,  Diy envelope, Cards handmade

Personalized Gift Boxes

Creating a gift box that is as unique as the person you are making it for, is the perfect way to celebrate this holiday season from a far. There are many different places online that will customize a box just for you and mail it off with no hassle. But, if you’re feeling a bit crafty or working on a budget then find a box and start filling it up. There are so many good ideas on Pinterest to help get you started on how you can personalize the box…inside and out. Use wrapping paper to cover the inside or scrapbook paper. Create little sayings that only you and your loved one would laugh about. Add stickers and pictures to personalize it even more. Then fill the box up with nicely wrapped gifts, colorful tins or jars filled with yummy homemade treats, and holiday candies that will delight their taste buds.

Celebrate Through Video

We’ve all become very familiar with the use of video calling these last few months thanks to the Pandemic. Video calls can be a great way to celebrate the holidays together. Invite friends and family to a virtual cookie bake where you all meet via video in the kitchen and bake your favorite cookie recipes with each other. Or snuggle up on the couch with a warm blanket, some hot chocolate, and a holiday movie with your friends and family via video. Not sure how to video chat. Call the library at 631-957-7755, to schedule a one on one appointment with a librarian to walk you through it.