Diversity in Picture Books

Hi everyone! This is Miss Jeanna. As a children’s librarian and mother of two little ones, I see a lot of picture books and stories created to transform the lives of small children. Stories that explore concepts or creativity. Stories that delve into fairy tale and folk lore. I see illuminating stories of fantasy and serious slice of life tales.  

With such a rich variety of stories to choose from, why then is there less variety when it comes to children’s book characters? I look at the children who visit the library, and the children who attend my programs, and even my own children, and I think of the value of seeing themselves in these stories. Representation matters. 

Thankfully there are many authors who introduce diverse characters into their magical worlds. Below are some of the best picture books featuring diverse characters. Stop by the Lindenhurst Memorial Library to pick up some of these books or ask a librarian about other diverse titles to enjoy.