Seed Library

Ask any teen that volunteered in last summer’s Community Gardeners program and they will tell you that I am not a gardener. I do not know what anything is called; I do not know how to weed; I do not know when things are ready to pick. Most questions were answered with either, “Hang on, let me text Ms. Joni and ask her” or “Let’s look that up!” I learned a lot doing Community Gardeners with the teens last year and was looking forward to this years program. I was also excited about trying to grow something with my daughter this year with everything I learned last year. I was a little worried since last year we tried to grow Purple Cone Flowers and we never got past the tiny green sprout.😢

This year Ms. Joni gave me seeds from our seed library to try with my daughter. She gave us some green peas, chinese greens and zinnias. We planted the peas Mother’s Day weekend.

My daughter is so excited to see her peas growing! We planted them in hanging containers and we are hoping that when they get big enough they will drape over the sides instead of having to be trained up something. (Ms. Joni says they will!)

Do you want to participate in our seed library? Check out this display the next time you’re in the library. It is immediately to the right of the front door when you first walk in. You can get seeds and in the fall you can even turn in seeds for next year.

What are you growing in your garden this year? Did you get any seeds from our seed libraries? Let us know in the comments!